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Thread: Friday...

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    Quote Originally Posted by charley View Post
    Grits, it's in a clickable link above.

    Here you go ...
    Thanks!!! I'm bad about reading too fast

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    not in the middle of nowhere but you can see it from here


    Tink, I do have an apple fritter recipe that's really easy. The drawback is that they are fried in oil and aren't great (in my opinion) later. I also have a recipe for apple fritter bread that I've been meaning to try. Let me know...
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    Oz I would love to have both recipes Chickie. Thank you so much. I love trying T&T rather than just something on line.

    Blue skies today but cold this morning. Tomorrow it will be in the 60's so I'm going out
    to put all the garden toys away and plant all the garlic for next year.

    Tonight we had leftovers...Dh ate the fish and I had meatballs with pasta.

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