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Thread: What's for supper, Friday, 11/2?

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    Default What's for supper, Friday, 11/2?

    Y'all haven't been cooking??? Hope you've at least been eating!

    I'm going to the grocery store shortly. DH has pork chops on his mind and I don't have any in the freezer. I'll get those plus anything that might look good or the price might look good, and I'll go from there. I do have some sweet potatoes in the freezer. I took them out this morning and will heat them tonight and serve with butter.
    I guess its because the weather is a tad cooler, but I'm thinking about a pound cake so that may be on the menu. As you can see, I don't have anything definite! EEK!

    How about y'all?

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    We're eating out tonight.

    Nora, bless you for what you've tried to do to get administration's attention. I don't think anything will work. I'm about to give up.

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    I'm cooking and eating. Last nite we had stuffed cabbage that I made and froze a few months ago. Enough for leftovers tonight. DH really gave them the thumbs up and wants leftovers. That only took 40 some years to convert him
    to a leftover meal. I'll make a green salad with fresh pears and pear dressing to change it up some.

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    I'm just back from my supermarket where I got at their deli: Norwegian salmon (smoked and with a glaze), homestyle oven fried country hash browns, and apple cinnamon whole grain salad. No dessert.



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    My step-dad is in the hospital and my mother is at work and so it's just me tonight.

    The original plan was Pioneer Woman's Patty Melts

    But I'm not sure if I'll go to the trouble just for myself.

    I have some leftover roasted carrots, which I really like and so I may just have that with some ham from the freezer.
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    Hubby, is hunting this weekend. Son, is in Athens again. This time for the GA - GA Tech game. So little one and I had an easy dinner. French fries and chicken nuggets for her. Me...................just grazing Tomorrow my Daughter, will probably join us (baby girl) for lunch. Baby Girl, loves "lunch" pizza.

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