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Thread: What's for supper, Wednesday, 12/12?

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    Default What's for supper, Wednesday, 12/12?

    I did double check the day and date today! How about this 12/12/12!

    I'm picking up some BBQ plates for supper tonight. Busy day ahead and frankly, I just don't want to cook! EEK!! Tomorrow, I'm going to start making candy...cookies will be started this weekend.

    How about y' today? Eating out? Dieting? (What a word..rolleyes)

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    Hi, Nora. I'm actually cooking today. Big surprise for all who know me. I put a potroast in the crockpot this morning and expect to have some good smells filling the house when I return later today. We'll have that, along with rice, broccoli and absolutely no dessert. I think I've gained a few pounds and can't afford to carry more weight around when I run! Plus, with Christmas parties coming up, I feel sure there will be additional pounds unless I'm careful.

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    I cleaned out the upstairs freezer this morning and found some leftovers I'd forgotten about.

    Tonight is going to be fried chicken, green beans and homemade bread.

    The cooking part will involve the microwave.

    I'd like some mashed potatoes but that would mean going to the store.
    There's a part of me that will always be/
    Just a boy in a hole with a M-16

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    Well all three of these dinners sounded great. I'm not cooking tonight cuz we were in town today and ate at 2 something and both of us are full.

    Now I have an idea for tomorrow while I'm gone. Off to the freezer to pull out boneless pork ribs and the crockpot.
    Thats such an easy peasy dinner. Thanks Brianna for reminding me of the crockpot! And Nora for bbq. Toss those two together and will have bbq pork with sides of ?????

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    I know that I'm WAY late in replying but canned green beans, canned baked beans and rice all go well with BBQ.
    There's a part of me that will always be/
    Just a boy in a hole with a M-16

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