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Thread: What's for supper, Tuesday, 1/15?

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    Default What's for supper, Tuesday, 1/15?

    Tonight will be easy around here. It'll be breakfast for supper! It's still rainy and a dreary day so the chief cook here (me!) has decided to take it easy. We'll have eggs, bacon and/or sausage, hot biscuits and maybe a hashbrown casserole. Heck, might as well do a few waffles. I might want that instead of biscuits. Maybe my menu isn't quite as 'set' as I thought. Hmmm.

    What are y'all cooking?

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    CHILI !!!! cold as gee whiz here.....
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    Cold and pouring rain here as well but I made a menu for the week last Friday and so far, I've managed to stick with it, which is rather unusual for me lately.

    Tonight was just my step-dad and me and we had chicken nuggets from Burger King.

    He loves them, I like them fairly well and right now, they have a great deal on them, 20 pieces and sauce for $4.29.

    I got us each one for dinner and then we're going to split one for lunch tomorrow.

    Probably not good for our girlish figures though.
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