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sounds wonderful and I intend to add some of the ingredients you mention. I guess I didn't express myself the way I meant to, so will try again. At our house, any pasta with sauce on it is called spaghetti - I was just kidding.
Yeah, I know you were but I didn't get the joke until after I had replied.

It wasn't until I came back to read Nora's reply that I noticed the title of your reply where you wrote "at our house."

I grabbed the wrong pasta from my makeshift pantry in the basement and didn't notice it until I'd already cooked it and so I ended up with marinara sauce mixed with large elbow macaroni.

I now have to go to the store tomorrow to get some more macaroni to go in my ham and macaroni salad.

And then go back to the store again over the weekend because I have no idea on dinner after Saturday.

Those are the kind of things that make me say, thank God I'm a city boy. I could WALK to the grocery store if I wanted to.