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Thread: What's for supper, Friday, 1/25?

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    Default What's for supper, Friday, 1/25?

    Can y'all believe the first month of 2013 is almost gone?? Scary, how fast time flies.

    So, what are y'all cooking tonight or are you going out? We're staying home but haven't decided 'exactly' what we'll have. I have several new recipes that I hope to try today and hopefully, one will include the main dish for our supper! If not, the local hamburger joint will get a visit. LOL! I have a new cake recipe I want to try..if its good, I'll bring some to the FP.

    Y'all give me some suggestions. For lunch we're having some of the Brunswick Stew that I didn't put into the freezer.

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    Well, I have nothing to cook and at the moment it's freezing rain and so I have no idea.

    I had planned on going to the store last night but freezing rain was already in the forecast and I didn't want to get into the insanity at the grocery store.

    The night before the snow we had last week, the grocery store looked like the end of the world and that was just for a few inches of snow.

    I don't pay much attention to a bit of snow but even I avoid getting out in ice unless it's an emergency.

    It's supposed to warm up a bit and turn into all rain later today but I doubt that I'll fool with going to the store and cooking. I'll probably order take out or maybe go pick something up.
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    We are having the other half of our Chicken pot pie. It was very good so I'll just heat it up and have some pickled beets with it tonight. Dessert will be coconut cake.
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    DH makes the very best pizzas and that's what we're having for dinner tonight. Too yucky here to get out. Roads are not in good condition and I left work early.

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    One of my friends slow-cooked a beef roast that I had given her when making room in my freezer recently. She added carrots and onions and baked cornbread and a pecan pie. It was a nice treat to be handed my supper on the way home!

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    We went out for dinner. Mexican

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    Friday is typically our "date" night, but with a couple ailing kitties we weren't in the mood, so Dh picked up food at Panda Express. First time we've tried them. I was impressed for it being fast food. Love how the nutrition info is available online.

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