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Thread: What's for supper, Monday, 1/28?

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    Default What's for supper, Monday, 1/28?

    We're having reruns. I made a very big meatloaf yesterday. Have squash casserole, green beans and I'll probably do some mashed potatoes. Mrs. S rolls are in the freezer just waiting for tonight! Have a recipe for a Chocolate-Pecan Chess Pie that I may try if I have time.

    What's for supper at your house?

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    Nora, I'm heading your way. Licia was just mentioning the fact that one thread about cornbread made her homesick. Meatloaf makes me homesick. Jim loved any meatloaf!

    I'm having leftovers also....or sort of leftover. I saw a Pillsbury recipe for pizza cones and of course, thought of the kids. We had them yesterday and the kids loved them. I didn't 'exactly' follow the recipe but they liked them and thought they were fun to make. So, with the remaining 'stuff', I guess I'll have pizza cones.

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    I've no idea, but it's looking like either take out, Pioneer woman's pasta alla Marlboro man or a kind of smoked sausage and tomato sauce on top of Rigatoni i.
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    Vegetable California Roll for me, Baby girl had meatballs, tater tots (She has those a lot) grapes and a biscuit. Hubby, took BBQ pit makings to his "hunting land" and had leftovers when he got in. Baby girl in bed, hubby home and I am tub soaked, ready for bed and work in the morning. 6 o'clock comes early

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