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Thread: Happy Valentine's Day...don't cook!

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    Default Happy Valentine's Day...don't cook!

    HEY Y'all!! I told my DH that he could take me out tonight. Generous of me, I know, but I think that would be a nice Valentine's present.
    What are y'all doing?

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    Well given that I'm single AND I'm a guy, I suppose it's okay for me to cook today.

    I'm making leek and potato soup with homemade bread.
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    We went out for lunch and met our daughter at Olive Garden. They had entrees and I had soup and salad. I love having that since it is satisfying without my feeling stuffed. I don't know what I'll make for dinner - it will be something light.
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    I'm making pasta puttanesca. Don't care for dining out on holidays. We'll go out to eat tomorrow. My mouth is watering for cedar-roasted redfish.

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    We went out for dinner.

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