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Thread: Friday, 2/15, what's cooking at your house?

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    Default Friday, 2/15, what's cooking at your house?

    Yesterday I read on another thread that someone was doing soup. That sounded so good that I decided I'd do veggie beef soup today. A BIG pot of veggie beef with lots to share and freeze. How about y'all? What's cooking? I do need to think about a dessert..LOL!

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    I've noticed that desserts are often mentioned on these threads. When I was growing up my mom always served dessert, but that's something I've never done. I'm guessing I make a dessert maybe once every two or three months. Dh & I both have a wicked sweet tooth, so desserts are just too much temptation.

    Going out to eat tonight. Haven't been to Ruffino's in a long time. I'm looking forward to it.

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    Talk about a disappointing dinner! I doubt we'll give Ruffino's another chance. Could have been an off night, but when you live in a city with no shortage of good restaurants it's hard to find a reason to give one a second chance no matter what the reason. I will give them credit for excellent customer service. They removed my entree from the bill and gave us a sweet treat when we left ... a little box with 3 beautiful truffles.

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    They are beautiful. It is so disappointing to go to a place with high expectations only to have them not measure up to what the hopes are.
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    I'll bet those truffles proved to be too much temptation, charley. We usually have a dessert, sometimes just ice cream but a sweet of some sort. One of the pleasures of life with us.

    Too late to start a supper thread, but for the record, we're having left over soup, cheese sammies and banana pudding for dessert.

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    Nora, dh ate one last night. He said it was heavenly.

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