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Thread: What's for supper, Thursday, 2/21?

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    Default What's for supper, Thursday, 2/21?

    A tad on the chilly side here today so I'm going for comfort food. Pork Chops (fried), rice, green beans and hot biscuits with lots of gravy for the biscuits. Left over Pecan Pie. I think there might be enough for a thin slice for each of us. I've had my mind on a blackberry cobbler for a while and may give in and get some blackberries. Sure would taste good after those pork chops.

    What are y'all cooking? Have a great day.

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    Nora, your dinner sounds really good. I'm going to lunch with a some people from our church. We are going to the beach to a seafood place so maybe I'll get some ideas there - not seafood tonight - but ideas anyway.
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    Hubby is teaching so something easy. "Baby Girl," likes biscuits and bacon so maybe breakfast suuper.

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    Licia, wish you were here to eat with us. I'll be putting the biscuits in the oven shortly.

    Grits, that baby girl has good taste. I love bacon and biscuits, too.

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