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Thread: Friday, 2/22, what's cooking?

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    Default Friday, 2/22, what's cooking?

    I can't believe I slept this late!
    OK, y'all. What are you cooking and where is ST? LOL! He should have started a thread in the wee hours of the morning. Maybe he's working.

    It's a chilly, dreary day (and I could add a few more things but will refrain from doing so) and I'm thinking pure old comfort food. Chili. All the toppings and sides. Oh, and dessert! Maybe a Chocolate Cobbler? Pound Cake and Lemon Curd? Hmm.

    Check on y'all later and see what and when you'll be serving at your house!

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    Fish and chips and our local pub. Me with friends since DH is pulling duty this weekend.
    Nora, your chili sounds delicious. The weather here in the VA/DC area is dreary also.

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