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Thread: What's for dinner, Sunday, 2/24?

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    Default What's for dinner, Sunday, 2/24?

    I think I saw on another thread that Nora, who usually starts this thread, will be having guests this weekend, so I thought I'd give it a try. Don't think I've ever done this!

    I have pork chops that I'll bake (maybe save a 'few calories,' some type of rice, just don't know what, and a tossed salad. That should do for me. I usually don't do a lot of cooking when DH is away. Just eat what I can grab at a take out or eat all of the bad stuff!

    What will you be doing for dinner tonight?

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    LOL!! We who have MIA DH's seem to do the same thing! I'm actually going to cook today. DH will be in this afternoon and there are a "few" things that I can cook that he likes so I'm going to head for the grocery store and then the kitchen. Pray for me!

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    Wow!!! Both of our "non-cooks" posting today! Good luck, girls. I'm sure you're both better cooks than you admit!

    Susan and Robert will be in for dinner tonight. I'm doing roast beef, fingerling potatoes, fresh asparagus, a squash casserole (requested by Robert), yeast rolls and a Banana Pudding...also requested by Robert.

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    Good old country cooking here today. Cooked the last of my purple hull peas I shelled this past summer in peppers, cilantro, onion and seasoning. Fresh corn off the cob creamed, turnips, green beans with onion, garlic, evoo and vinegar, fresh collards and hot water corn bread. Hubby smoked a pork tenderloin for the meat eaters. I'm full!

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