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Thread: What's cooking, Wednesday, 4/17?

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    Default What's cooking, Wednesday, 4/17?

    Can't believe April is on the downhill slide. My Mama always did her "spring cleaning" in March. If she could see my house right now, she'd be ashamed!
    I think I'll suggest hamburgers on the grill to DH. He's awake early this morning, walking around outside with a cup of coffee in his hand right now. I think he's trying to decide where I need to work today so I'll return the favor by suggesting he cook burgers. I could make some potato salad, maybe..have some chili, cheese, onion to slap on the burgers..left over strawberries and pound cake. I think this will work for me.
    What are y'all cooking?

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    Good morning, Nora, and all who follow. I'm meeting a friend for lunch and since she has "suggested" taco salad, I don't think I'll need a dinner tonight! I always overeat when I have taco salad. Hmmm, maybe I just always overeat!!!

    Have a great day everyone!

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    I'm picking up Chinese food on the way home. Had a late appointment and then had to return to the office. I'm trying to get my arrival to jive with DH's arrival.

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    Hubby, was sick. Baby girl and I had pizza.

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