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Thread: It's Sunday, 5/5, what are you cooking????

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    Default It's Sunday, 5/5, what are you cooking????

    Looks like the last time anyone cooked was in April!!! Y'all hungry yet? We decided to skip church today. So, I'm going to cook lunch instead of supper and then we'll have leftovers tonight.
    Menu: Roast beef, mashed potatoes, green beans, hot yeast rolls with lots of butter, and a caramel cake that I made last night. (We had to sample that last night as soon as it was made..I'll leave some for y'all). Then tonight we'll have roast beef sammies with gravy and DH will throw cheese on top of his!
    Y'all cooking? Eating out? Dieting???

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    Nora, we have dismal weather also. In fact, we seem to be locked in a dismal weather week and I long for a little sunshine.

    We had baked ham with fresh asparagus, fried squash and buttered new potatoes. Strawberry shorcake for dessert. (I went to the farmers market yesterday and that was the bright spot of my day. Fresh produce.

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    We grilled. Had corn on the cob, asparagus and okra. Also, pork chops as well as re-stuffed potatoes. I am full

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