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Thread: What's in your Valentine's playlist?

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    Lightbulb What's in your Valentine's playlist?

    Valentine's Day is just around the corner. We asked owners of indie music stories in the South to tell us their favorite romantic and heartbreak songs for Valentine's Day.

    Check out our two Valentine's mixes, a little rock, a little R&B and a little country.

    What are you listening to for V-Day? What's your ultimate mix CD, either for getting together or breaking up?

    I think I'd pick early Norah Jones, any Diana Krall, slow Coltrane and Sarah McLachlan for starters.

    (Also, here's a previous discussion on Silly Love Songs.)

    Let's hear about your song picks. And Happy Valentine's Day!

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    God Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts is me and my DH's song. We were married last May and he made me a "Getting Ready" CD of different love songs by various country artists. We also like to listen to Norah Jones for mood music.
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    Well as of now DH will be outta town on V-day ( ) so my play list will have one song 'I'm so lonesome I could cry'
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    blondetwin: Good call on the Rascal Flatts song, one of our picks, too.

    grneyedangel72: DH is lucky to be missed ...

    I'm adding to my picks, by the way.

    • "I've Been Thinking" by Handsome Boy Modeling School - a fantastic slow jam

    • "Sexbomb" by Mr. Tom Jones - I can't believe I left him out before

    • "Fields of Gold" by Eva Cassidy - pretty much anything by Eva Cassidy would work for me
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    My favorite "love song" is when hubby sings Pussycat, by Tom Jones......Not even sure why, but when we started dating, he would sing that to me, loved it...after our first child, Tom Jones came to town, hubby detests concerts usually, but he took me for our first night our after baby....sweet and special, like him....
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